J-1772  J1-80M EVSE Tester.

This tester is designed to test J1772 Charging Stations (EVSE's).
(Can also test Tesla Charging Stations using a TeslaTap adapter)

Tester is enclosed in a IP-67 Weatherproof Hard Case.

Plug in your J1772 charging plug and turn on the power switch.

Press the connect button (Green) and  the meter will show the frequency, duty cycle, and amperage setting reported by the EVSE.

When the charge button (Red) is pushed it will tell the charging station to energize the contactor so that you can test the AC Voltage and Frequency.

The tester has a USB connector to charge the internal lithium battery pack.

It will give you a piece of mind when installing a new charging station or when testing a charging station to verify its duty cycle and voltage is within the expected range.

Due to the nature of the products all testing equipment is not returnable.

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J1772 Charging Station Tester (J1-80M)

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