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Female Tesla compatible (UMC) connector that can be used to build a Tesla to J-1772 conversion cable giving you the ability to charge using a Tesla UMC, Wall Connector, or Destination Charger.

This connector has all of the pins needed to maintain all functionality and safety protocols used by UMC and J1772 charging systems.

+18 inch 40 AMP cable has been connected and sealed in waterproof urethane.

The cable is configured like the cable on a Tesla UMC charger.

Cable Configuration:
2 - #12 Red wires connected to one of the Power Pins
2 - #12 Black wires connected to the other Power Pin
1 - #12 Green wire connected to the Ground Pin
1 - #18 Purple wire connected to the Pilot Pin
1 - #18 Orange wire connected to the Proximity Pin

This auction is for a Socket with a +18" cable, longer cables are available on request.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and is not to be used with the Tesla Super Charger Network.

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Female UMC connector with +18" pigtail

  • Product Code: Female UMC connector with +18" pigtail
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