Tesla compatible Voltage Tester.

This tester is designed to test the output voltage of a Tesla UMC, Wall Connector, or Destination Charger.

Analog meter, no need for batteries or recharging.

It can give you a piece of mind when installing a new charging station or when using an unknown charging station to verify the voltage is within the expected range before plugging the connector into your EV.

This is very important if you are going to use an adapter to charge your non-Telsa vehicle as most are limited to 250VAC and a Tesla charger can be connected to up to 277VAC which may damage the charger in your vehicle.

When you plug your charging cable into the tester it will emulate that a car is connected and when you press the test button the charging station will supply voltage to the tester and the volt meter will show the supplied voltage.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and is NEVER TO BE USED with the Tesla Super Charger Network.

Due to the nature of the products all testing equipment is not returnable.

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UMC Voltage Tester

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