J-1772 to Tesla 48 AMP 18 foot extension.

Connect to any J1772 charger and charge your Tesla 18 feet away at up to 48 AMPs.

Don't ruin a vacation because someone parked their ICE in the charging spot.

With 18 feet of length you can go up to 3 parking spots away from the charger.

One end of the extension will be a J-1772 socket and the other will be a Tesla charging handle.

These extensions are made using an Authentic Tesla cable from a Brand new Tesla 48 AMP Gen 3 Wall Connector.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and is not to be used with the Tesla Super Charger Network.

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J1772 to Tesla 48 AMP 18' extension

  • Product Code: J1772 to Tesla 48 AMP 18' extension
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  • $349.95