YES, THIS ADAPTER DOES WORK ON THE GEN 2 and GEN 3 WALL CONNECTORS..... Please read this article

Tesla compatible J1772 adapter.

With this adapter cable you can charge your non-Tesla EV on a Tesla Destination, UMC, or Wall Connector charger.

The adapter has a special circuit that allows it to work on any current Tesla charger including Destination Chargers.

This adapter cable has all of the pins needed to maintain all functionality and safety protocols used by UMC and J1772 charging systems.

This is compatible with all portable and stationary chargers from 110-250VAC.

We do not list all of the vehicles that are compatible as our bypass circuit makes the TeslaTap 80 compatible with ALL US built EV’s with a charge rate up to 80 AMPS @ 250VAC (20 KW).

It is recommended that you verify that the charger you are connecting to does not exceed your EV's voltage rating.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and is not to be used with the Tesla Super Charger Network.

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TeslaTap 80 AMP - HIGH POWER

  • Product Code: TeslaTap 80 AMP - HIGH POWER
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  • $239.95

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