YES, THIS ADAPTER DOES WORK ON THE GEN 2 and GEN 3 WALL CONNECTOR..... Please read this article

Mini TeslaTap for Zero Motorcycles (or others that do not require locking lever)

This adapter will take very little space in your limited luggage space.

With this adapter you can charge your J-1772 converted Zero Motorcycle on a Tesla Destination, UMC, or Wall Connector chargers.

The adapter has a special circuit that allows it to work on any current Tesla charger including Destination Chargers.

Plug the Tesla charging handle into the adapter, wait 30 seconds, and plug the adapter into your J-1772 socket and it will immediately activate .

Stop charging before removing. The pilot pin is shorter so if you remove slowly you will deactivate charging to avoid arcing.

You must verify that the charger you are connecting to does not exceed your Zero's chargers voltage rating.

This adapter is NOT COMPATIBLE and is not to be used with the Tesla Super Charger Network.

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TeslaTap Zero-Mini

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