The TeslaTap NEMA 14-50 works like a TeslaTap except it activates the Tesla Charger and gives you a NEMA 14-50 plug.

Compatible with Tesla Gen II UMC, Wall, and Destination Chargers

This is mainly for users that have EV's that are very picky about their pilot signal and sometimes are not compatible regular TeslaTap's.

It can be used with any EVSE (charger, wall connector, etc..) that has a NEMA 14-50 connector.

Can be used with our 7.6KW Portable Charger.

Due to their special application these are only available through this site. (not sold on eBay or Amazon)

For mare information on this product use the contact us link below.

This adapter is useable with any EV's but is required for EV's known to be very picky about their pilot signal like:

Chrysler Pacifica
Zero Motorcycles (Power Tank)
Jaguar I-Pace

NOTE!!!!!    DO NOT ATTEMPT to use this adapter on the Tesla SuperCharger Network.


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TeslaTap NEMA 14-50

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